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What does Lesson Study Mean to Us?

Beyza, 29


Azime, 29


Pelin, 28

Facilitator & Practitioner

First of all, I feel so lucky since I’ve had the opportunity to work on such an improving and thought-provoking study like that with our lovely coordinator, Ilknur Bayram. I’d like to thank her for coming up with such an innovative idea as part of a CPD training and and for willing to share this idea with us in the first place. I could shortly describe “Lesson Study” as the glasses that you wear as a teacher so that you can see from students’ eyes.   

Çisem, 29


To me, Lesson Study is a multidimensional platform in which I can both improve myself and increase student learning, learn how to be a productive team member and how to dedicate myself to a group work, cope with the instructional, social and personal difficulties.

Ayşe, 23


Lesson study is my round trip ticket!  As a teacher, I have always focused on teaching during my lessons like a one way ticket so far, but thanks to lesson study I can also focus on the learning part of it now. 

Lesson Study is a teacher-led professional development model. It empowers me as a teacher in many ways and this is what I most like about it.

Gökhan, 28


Lesson Study is a process which enables us to learn how to work collaboratively, be student-focused and get rid of assumptions that hinder fruitful learning and teaching. Not only does it help us be more attentive to student learning but it also makes us aware of our skills in a professional context. In this way, Lesson Study is a way to develop a teaching ideology that helps us work with others in harmony, enhance our knowledge and notice our strength and weaknesses in our field.

Ferudun, 26


Lesson study is a collaborative research carried by a group of teachers with the aim of targetting an determined area for improvement in their students' skills. In this study, they plan, teach and observe a series of lessons. Thanks to the data from the observations and analysis, teachers improve their teaching ability professionally.

İlknur, 34

Researcher &


Lesson study is a very effective professional development practice in which we, as teachers, can collaboratively plan, observe, analyze and refine our teaching processes. A good opportunity to reflect on our teaching, learn from one another and improve our teaching …

Yakup, 29


I think lesson study is an excellent professional development opportunity for instructors who want to improve themselves and recognize the strengths and weaknesses in their teaching. It is a collaborative learning process where instructors can develop themselves in terms of many aspects such as lesson planning, instructional design, classroom management, time management and so on.

Sena, 23


It is an intellectually interesting and fertile practice that enables teachers not to feel stuck in the rabbit hole, but to liberate in the Wonderland.

Lesson Study is a great opportunity for teachers who wish to work in a team and learn from each other. It not only helps us transform our knowledge and skills in a collaborative, safe and friendly atmosphere, it also helps prevent teaching from becoming an egg-box profession.

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